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Welcome to the Network for Investor Action & Protection (NIAP). Madoff-Help.Com is combining forces with Madoff Survivors, Ponzi Victims Coalition, NY Area Fraud Victims Coalition and the efforts of other key groups to help victims of investment fraud. In addition to expanding connections with victims nationwide, NIAP seeks to build on and work cooperatively with existing victims’ groups and with victims of other frauds as well. Please join us by signing up today to get the latest news and information, and support our collective efforts to maximize help for all. There is no obligation, and the list is strictly confidential.

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United we stand! Help us reach out to the thousands of victims not currently engaged in the process.

Some of Our Key Goals:

  • Maximize restitution for victims
  • Eliminate clawback of innocent investors
  • Create greater balance of relief via recovery between older and new investors
  • Use the correct definition of net equity to reflect values on investment statements
  • Modify definition of “customer”
  • Extend tax loss carryback
  • Provide deductions for IRA and retirement losses
  • Creation of ongoing Investor Advisory Group – comprised of existing victims and other experts — to work with Congress & the Administration

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    Alternatively, check donations can be made payable to Network For Investor Action and Protection c/o Ronald Stein, and mailed to NIAP, P.O. Box 2171, Halesite, NY 11743.**

    ** Funds will be paid to for subsequent transfer to NIAP. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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