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Picard Files Motion For Hearing on “Customer” Issue

The purpose of the hearing is to establish procedure for the Court to resolve objections regarding the definition of “Customer” under SIPA as it relates to claimaints without an account.

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Senator Dodd Unveils Financial Regulation Reform Bill

This afternoon, Sen. Chris Dodd unveiled his eagerly-awaited financial regulation reform bill. This video shows Dodd announcing and describing the bill today on Capitol Hill. Dodd vowed that there will be a financial regulation reform bill passed this year in Congress.

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Clawback Claims - The Process, The Exposure, and Available Defenses

By: David B. Bernfeld, of Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld, LLP.
“A major issue and concern for many Madoff investors – …”
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Bernie Madoff Scandel: Where Are They Now?

A year after disgraced financier Bernie Madoff pleaded guilty to a $65 billion Ponzi scheme and was sentenced to 150 years in prison, TIME recaps what has transpired for the major players

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Update on Senator Schumer’s Proposal for Ponzi Fraud Victims

Senator Schumers proposal on tax relief for Madoff victims is making its way thru the legislative process. The proposal is still in draft mode and is being reviewed with the Joint Committee on Taxation. The expectation at this time is that the bill will be introduced before the Senate Easter recess, and is expected to have the support of at least 20 co-sponsors. Click here to read the original press release on the proposal.

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Herrick, Feinstein LLP Files Memorandum in Opposition of SEC’s Motion to Dismiss

The Securities and Exchange Commission (”SEC”) decided to investigate Bernard Madoff’s multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme at least six times over two decades. The SEC unquestionably had discretion as to whether or not to initiate those investigations, and would be immune to any claim that it should have—or should not have—investigated Madoff on those or other occasions. Once the SEC undertook those investigations, however, it had an obligation to obey the law and its own internal policies,’ and to competently perform [...]

Madoff Victims Join Stanford Investors to Lobby for Payback

Victims of Bernard Madoff and accused Ponzi schemer R. Allen Stanford are banding together to lobby Congress for a law that could require Wall Street firms to pay billions of dollars to cover some of the losses they suffered. Read Bloomberg article here.

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CNBC Video: Madoff Whistleblower Speaks

CNBC’s Mary Thompson’s interview with Harry Markopolos, the Madoff whistleblower who is now promoting a book on how he he tried to warn the SEC and others about Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

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URGENT - RE: Clawback Letters

NIAP Executive Committee members will be in D.C. this Thursday & Friday, meeting with several members of Congress and their aides. Clawback case studies are being prepared for some of the discussions and legislative action we are seeking, with a focus on the argument against Sheehan & Picard’s stance that they are NOT going after the small investor with clawback.

WE URGENTLY NEED REDACTED CLAWBACK LETTERS FROM YOU for our case studies! If you can black out your name, address, [...]