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NIAP Board of Directors & Executive Committee

Ron Stein – President
David Bernfeld
Renee Bunnell-Schwartz


Ron Stein, President of Good Harvest Financial Group, is also founder of Madoff-Help.Com, a non-profit website focused on assisting Madoff investors. Ron is a non-commission Certified Financial Planner and a registered investment advisor. Madoff-Help has coordinated meetings of direct and indirect investors in the New York area. His family and extended family were impacted by the Madoff theft.

Renée Bunnell PhD is the founder of the Madoff Survivors Group, the original network of Madoff victims who provide information and support to each other, and the cofounder of NIAP. She has contributed thousands of hours to facilitate the networks that have been the basis of NIAP’s advocacy and membership. Renée is currently developing new consumer technologies and directing multidisciplinary research. She previously worked as a technology research and development executive in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., helping to take companies from garage to IPO, and founded the collaborative commerce organization, Real.org.

David Bernfeld is a 1965 graduate of the NYU School of Law, Mr. Bernfeld has practiced law in New York City on a full time and continuous basis ever since. He is currently the senior partner in the law firm of Bernfeld, DeMatteo & Bernfeld LLP which maintains its offices in Manhattan. Throughout his professional career Mr. Bernfeld has specialized in sophisticated litigation and professional advice to individual and corporate clients, in both the civil and criminal areas. His practice includes a significant volume of securities and investor protection litigation. He and his firm also maintain an active health care practice, representing individual and institutional Health Care providers in connection with a the full panoply of health care issues, including rate reimbursement, corporate governance and regulatory compliance matters.

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