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Mission & Goals

The Network for Investor Action and Protection (NIAP) was formed to support victims of securities fraud and other fraudulent activities by empowering them to seek appropriate redress for their financial and emotional injuries through education, advocacy for legislative and judicial solutions and maximization of restitution.


NIAP’s mission is to provide assistance for victims of investor fraud, identify and shape solutions that will help protect investors in the future, and help restore trust in the American financial system.


NIAP’S goals are to:

  • identify, shape and support legislative, government agency and other solutions to maximize relief for investment fraud victims
  • ensure an interpretation of net equity and validity of investment statements for investors consistent with the intent of SIPA law, and oppose the use of clawback against innocent investors in SIPC liquidations
  • provide an honest and accurate portrait of fraud victims in the public eye
  • continue to provide a means of support and education to empower investors and minimize further trauma to fellow victims
  • hold legislatures and agencies to task to protect investors in the future and reestablish confidence in the American financial system
  • educate the investing public about existing safeguards or lack of such in the current financial system, and help protect innocent investors from investor fraud
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